Superior Housing Values in Jacksonville

Downtown Jacksonville Florida

Jacksonville real estate is hot, hot, hot!

Many buyers trying to find the perfect home and not enough homes on the market to satisfy the demand. Several areas in Jacksonville are still good buys:


The Bartram area of town including Bartram Springs are Bartram Park two neighborhoods that still are a great value. These neighborhoods were built just before the market decline and they represent some of the best deals in Jax.

Not only are the homes newer, which minimizes repair and maintenance expenses, but it also gives you some of the updated architectural features and finishes. Although this market is improving, you can still get a great deal!

Houses 400,000 and above

Our market recovery began slow and low. Last summer, houses under $200,000 were flying off the shelf. This summer, the recovery has climbed to higher price points and markets under $400,000 are flourishing as well.

However, in many cases, the higher priced homes are not moving with as much volume.  This means you can get a deal. Neighborhoods like Deerwood have many homes for sale above $400k and this summer you can get more house for your money. Next year may be too late!

Fixer uppers

Homes that need a little TLC are often overlooked by most buyers. It is difficult for most buyers to see past dated finishes to imagine how great a home can be. This leaves houses in great neighborhoods that represent a good deal for those buyers ready to do a little work.

A house that needs some work allows a buyer to customize a home and force appreciation on the investment. These houses often are equity buys and can be a great opportunity for a buyer with imagination. Check out my Pinterest page, Flip This, for ideas.

There are great opportunities in Jacksonville real estate for those who seek them. Call us at (904) 996-0000 to see how we can help you find your dream home!