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Green Cove Springs is a quaint city located approximately 30 miles southwest of downtown Jacksonville, FL along the west bank of the historic scenic St. Johns River in Clay County, FL.

The city’s name originates from the three land characteristics. “Green” refers to the perennially green vegetation characterized by it’s towering treescape and foliage. “Cove” refers to a bend in the St. Johns River creating a safe harbor for mooring of boats during inclement weather periods or just enjoying the scenic views. “Springs” references the natural spring (one of more than 600 in Florida), originating from the “Floridan Aquifer” with an estimated flow rate of approximately 2,200 gallons per minute. The spring water flows into the west side of the municipal swimming pool and then flows outward from the east side forming a stream which empties into the St. Johns River. The medicinal qualities of the spring and its location along the St. Johns River served contributed to the community’s growth as a noticeable attraction and destination for tourists during the 19th Century.

The late 1880’s, was a time of prosperity in Green Cove Springs, FL as witnessed by the number and quality of hotels constructed near the spring and surrounding area. The medicinal qualities of the spring and tropical climate of the area during the winter months made Green Cove Springs a popular vacation destination. Due to its prominence, Green Cove Springs earned recognition as “The Saratoga of the South”, “The Parlor City” and “Watering Hole for the Rich”. Tourists and visitors traveled south along the St. Johns River from Jacksonville by Riverboats bearing names like “The Florence”, “The Magnolia”, “The Manatee”, and “The May Garner” staying at several hotels like “The Cherokee”, “The Clarendon”, “The Magnolia Springs Hotel”, “The Morganza”, “The Mohawk”, “The Qui-si-Sana”, “The Oakland”, and “The St. Elmo”. The accommodations and amenities of these hotels were comparable to famous hotels in cities like Chicago, New York, and PhilaDelphia.

The first “Trolley System” in the state providing transportation for commodities, residents and visitors with their luggage from the riverbank piers to the various lodging accommodations was developed Green Cove Springs.

The community’s vibrancy increased once again and sustained through 1960 when the federal government decommissioned NAAS Green Cove Springs, reassigning personnel, equipment, and ships to other installations. Some of the reserve vessels were transferred to foreign governments and the remaining ships relocated to other US Fleet Reserve installations. The City of Green Cove Springs purchased this facility from the federal government during the early 1960’s in the hope of developing the property into a center for industrial development; however, they later sold the property to the J. Louis Reynolds Corporation for development of a premiere Industrial Park for Northeast Florida.

The City’s land area is approximately 7.2 square miles. The City of Green Cove Springs is a full-service local government providing full municipal services (electric, sanitation, stormwater, water, and wastewater utilities) for commercial and residential customers.
In 1988, the City’s economic growth and development received recognition from the Jacksonville Business Journal of two Green Cove Springs “Home Grown Businesses”. The two companies receiving this prestigious designation as two of the “First Coast Fifty” businesses were Gustafson’s Dairy and Taylor Precast, Incorporated. Each business received this honored recognition, as two of the areas’ most successful sources of economic growth and development. Both companies were honored as significant employers of area residents and had significant contributions to economic growth and development of the City during this era.

In July 1998, President William Jefferson Clinton, signed legislation designating the Historic St. Johns River as an “American Heritage River”. This historic river was and remains a desirable focal point for the growth of the community and serves as a major component for recreational amenities and transportation opportunities related to commercial, industrial, and residential developments.

The City continues actively pursuing future growth and development opportunities and programs designed to encourage and perpetuate economic benefits for commercial, industrial, and residential developments while preserving its unique quality of life for present and future residents.

The City’s future appears bright and promising due to several projected developments in and around its geographical area. These planned activities and projects are considered as potential elements for sustaining future economic growth and development. One of the anticipated projects is the construction of the “Outer Beltway” providing valuable transportation linkage of Interstate 10 with Interstate 95 further enhancing potential for commercial, industrial, and residential developments within the corporate limits of the City and surrounding areas.

The City is experiencing a rebirth or resurgence of tourism opportunities attributed to the Historic St. Johns River evidenced by twice a year visits (Fall and Spring) from American Cruise Lines’ Great Rivers of Florida Cruises. In addition and most recently, the Annabelle Lee Riverboat, from Jacksonville (Jacksonville River Cruises) is moored at the City’s Pier offering public and private picturesque dinner and special event cruises along the St. Johns River. Both American Cruise Lines and the Annabelle Lee represent a symbolic reoccurrence of the community’s past heritage as a prominent riverboat destination.

Among numerous former prominent residents of Green Cove Springs is Mr. James Cash Penney, owner of the J. C. Penney Retail Stores and developer of Penney Retirement Community, located eight miles west of Green Cove Springs (Penney Farms).

In 2005, the City Council of Green Cove Springs adopted a plan for its future and referenced it as “Tomorrow’s Vision” consisting of a Mission Statement devoted to “Create a plan that will define our unique identity, assure quality of life and make Green Cove Springs a premier 21stcentury city that reflects our traditional values, natural features and historic characteristics.” Further information about this document is available for review on the City’s website at

In 2012, the City contracted with the “Today in America” production company to create an informative video presentation for nationwide broadcasting, promoting the exceptional characteristics of our community for potential business and residential developments, which is also available for viewing on the City’s website and Facebook page.

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