Preparing For The Sale

Red Door Realty Group Home For Sale sign - Jacksonville Florida

3-6 months

This period of time is critical to getting top dollar. The amount of effort you put in now will pay dividends. Make necessary repairs to your home now. Deep clean closets and cabinets so that your home is clutter-free. Remember that first impressions are everything so replace sod, refresh landscaping and make sure the exterior is in optimal condition.

Pull all documents pertaining to your home and share with us so that we can forestall any possible obstacles that would otherwise cost you money. You may also be eligible for discounts on title services.

 1-3 months

You’ve already done most of the heavy lifting… now its time to perfect. Remember that the first forty-five seconds are the most critical. Add annuals to your front walk. Hang a wreath on the front door. Pressure wash the house and add a fresh layer of mulch. Pack up any remaining clutter and store it. Have the carpets cleaned. Kick the back patio up a notch.

With one month to go, it is now time to bring our team in to primp, stage, and address any last minute issues. We will need a few weeks to prepare the photography and video for market.