Photos: A Condo Fairy Tale

Lady straightening curtains in Jacksonville Florida condo

Once upon a time, there was an ugly condo. No one loved this condo. People came in and out every day looking at her..and everyday, she was left all alone. No one wanted her. She was blue. Then one day… a button on Yelp was pressed, and Red Door Realty Group came to the rescue!
Lady getting ready to paint Jacksonville Florida condo
There were many maintenance items that needed to addressed by the Red Door Fairy. Like air conditioner maintenance, leaky kitchen sink pipes, mildewed caulk and a rotten dishwasher with dead roaches in it. A little TLC was also required to make this girl show to her greatest potential. Her blue walls were repainted grey. A new dishwasher and garbage disposal were installed. And lastly her carpets were cleaned and her surfaces were scrubbed until they glistened. This girl became a princess!
Lady & man getting ready to clean carpets Jacksonville Florida condo
Next the team brought in staging items, because everyone knows that a little makeup goes a long way. Just a few things to make her best features shine; an enhancement of her best qualities. After all of the hard work, proper pricing was critical. With all of the makeover items completed, the potential value of this condo had gone up so the asking price was raised to be in line with current market conditions.
Lady straightening curtains in Jacksonville Florida condoJacksonville Florida condo
Jacksonville Florida condo, lady adds flowers
Then came the weekend of the ball. Many suitors showed up to meet the lovely princess. Her dance card was full and four days later, a winner was chosen. It was a happily ever after for the lovely condo. The Red Door Fairy flew off to help some other home realize their full potential. Text her today at (904) 923-8120 to see how she can help you!

Jacksonville Florida condo before and after picture
Jacksonville Florida condo before and after picture
Jacksonville Florida condo before and after picture