How Retirees Can Make Moving to Jacksonville, FL More Like a Vacation

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How Retirees Can Make Moving to Jacksonville, FL More Like a Vacation

Retirement in Jacksonville is a reward for many years of a job well done in a career you loved. You have a chance to live for yourself and your family. A life without a full-time job suddenly has more room for hobbies. Since retiring to Florida means beginning this exciting phase of life in a new state with new people, here are some tips to make your new home feel like an old friend.

Adding Your Personal Touch

Decorating your new home is often easier since you already have the furniture and your favorite items from your last home. You can choose a similar layout to your old home or let your surroundings inspire you. Brighter fabrics look stunning in rooms with large windows, or you could make a small office space cozier with a throw blanket. 

If you want to buy something new for your home, that’s an option, too. You don’t have to spend a fortune. Many dollar stores have budget-friendly items that add charm to any room and inspire you to make new memories in your new home.

Some Basics for Your Home

It may have been a while since you last moved, but some needs haven’t changed. To begin with, you’ll probably want to get to know your neighbors and community. At some point, you’ll likely need a new handyperson in Jacksonville who can help you maintain your home’s heating and cooling systems. You might want to ask about home energy audits in Jacksonville when you switch the utilities into your name. Your utility company’s customer service agents might be able to help you search for contractors who specialize in energy audits.

Checking the air filters in your home takes a few minutes but can improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. You also never know if the previous homeowners gave away copies of the house key, so changing the locks might give you peace of mind.

If you’re planning any large maintenance or remodeling tasks, you might want to ensure you have all the owner manuals and warranty information for any appliances in your home. 

Home Insurance vs. Home Warranty

Buying home insurance is a must for any homeowner to protect property from fires or other damages; however, it does have its limitations. It doesn’t cover all appliances in your home, nor does it cover all personal belongings. You can depend on insurance to cover injuries on your property and losses due to theft. Homeowners’ insurance usually covers the outside of the home, but a home appliance warranty is needed to protect what’s inside. Warranties are renewable contracts that provide coverage for heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical systems, and appliances. You need to ensure that if one of your appliances breaks down, it will be repaired or replaced. One solution is to find an insurance company in Jacksonville that offers warranties.

An important note is that security system installation can be an investment in your home that saves you money on your insurance premiums. 

Home Sweet Home in Jacksonville, FL

If you have any questions about your new town, reach out to Red Door Realty Group professionals. They know the neighborhoods and provide individualized service, as they see how unique their clients are.

Bob Shannon