Wendi Wheeler Allen

Wendi Wheeler Allen, Owner & Founder

Wendi Wheeler Allen is the Owner and Founder of Red Door Realty Group. She has a degree in Finance with a specialty in financial investments. Wendi spent her first few years out of college as a stockbroker learning how to maximize profit.

Upon starting a family, Wendi got her real estate license and began renovating and reselling houses.

She has flipped over 25 houses and has an incredible amount of experience in construction and repairs.

Wendi’s real estate niche is executive homes and relocations because Wendi has the financial background to guide solid business decisions. For high net worth customers, buying the “right’” home can increase net worth and provide an instant equity situation.

Selling a home is equally critical because correct pricing and marketing are critical to a smooth transaction. Professionals do not have time to spare. Wendi alleviates the burden of moving while maximizing your bottom line.