Taariq Sheares, Jacksonville Realtor®

Taariq Sheares Jacksonville, Florida Realtor

Taariq is a licensed Realtor and sales agent with Red Door Realty Group, a firm located in Jacksonville, Florida that has been serving the city with professional real estate expertise for more than a decade.

Taariq moved to Jacksonville, Florida from Toledo, Ohio in 2003 and worked as a carpenter for several years before eventually taking up a new trade in the electrical field.

He began his growth early in the business frontier. By the malleable age of twelve, he was solely responsible for the equipment arrangement, along with the sound check of a ten piece blues band that his father was the lead singer of. Subsequently, he procured at a young age the necessity of paying attention to detail and time management, in addition to a propensity for functionality.

Whether you are a first time homebuyer searching for a happy home for your family or a homeowner looking to get the most value out of your property, Taariq is passionate about helping others achieve their goals. He is dedicated to seeing projects through to completion and providing reliable and knowledgeable information. At home, along with being a husband, Taariq is the father of two young boys. As a family, they enjoy traveling, being adventurous, and enjoying all of the allure in Florida’s great outdoors. He is enthusiastically involved in the community, actively setting up outreach programs that help young Jacksonville artists express themselves on a multitude of platforms.

Taariq is eager to deliver dedicated and exceptionally thorough service to you for any of your real estate needs.